Smart Photo Service

by ForTotalRecall Pty Ltd


Park Operators


If you are a park operator who would like to get the word of mouth out by turning your customers into ambassadors but haven't mastered "the viral thing", then this service is for you...


The service allows you to reap the benefits of free, targeted viral marketing - and drive incremental revenue


Truly innovative, it allows you to completely differentiate your brand from the competition


It reinforces your primary message to your customers - they can trust your operation to deliver a great experience 








The service uses the latest technology to capture the fun, then delivers it directly to your customer's smartphone so they can immediately relive their experience


They can then easily share the photos and videos, emblazoned with your trademark, with their family and friends via any social media platforms they use


View this 3 minute video for more detail on how the service works its magic:









Your park/s will all have spare capacity (let us call it "slack"), which comes in 2 distinct forms:

  • weekday slack - where you are competing with activities such as jobs and schooling - no marketing of any quality or magnitude is likely to change this much

  • weekend slack - where you are competing with alternate forms of entertainment - here good marketing could improve this significantly

Do you know what your weekend slack is?


If not, you can use this spreadsheet calculator to work it out:



It is quite common for the weekend slack to be 30% or more of a park's TOTAL performance - imagine if you could halve this - that would be 15% straight to the bottom line...


If your current profit margin is 20% then it would  become 35% - a 75% improvement


Other benefits include improving your customer's experience - which accrues to you via better online reviews


The service can also be used for night site security surveillance and possibly as a means of providing evidence in event of incidents






Free, targeted viral marketing?


The marketing provided by the service is "free" in the context that it is done entirely by your customers


It is "targeted" in that your customers are most likely communicating with their peer group - who have the same interests and background


It is "viral" because the service facilitates communication over any social media platforms on the customer's smartphone






Drive incremental revenue?


There are a couple of ways to do this - best to contact us for a discussion






All with:

  • no need for old unreliable technology such as RFID tags, photo printers etc.

  • no specialized equipment, all equipment used is OTC (over the counter)

  • no need for any involvement by your park ground staff - ever, so no training is required

The only requirement is that each customer must have a face






To discuss all the marketing and engineering features and benefits of the service, and how they could be applied to your operation, please do not hesitate to contact ForTotalRecall at:


+61 409 223 879


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